Adam Soltau has been practicing art ever since he could hold a pencil. He is a San Francisco based fine artist, designer, and musician. Originally from New Jersey, he moved to california in 2002. He recieved an Associated of the Arts degree in graphic design from the Academy of Art University, and went on to study painting at San Francisco Art Institute. Adam is a self proclaimed renaissance man, he has variying degrees of styles and has experience working in many of the different facets of the arts. He has shown work all over the bay area and is an accomplished live painter. With his studio paintings, his goal is to explore the secrets and principles of the natural world that exist outside of us, as well as within. His work tends to take a minimalist approach with renaissance ideals, while stripping away much of the noise that has consumed contemporary art. Adam’s work has a simple sophistication, technical skill, and conceptual depth, but all the while his work remains accesable. He believes that art is a gift to be shared with everyone and that through the power of art we can change the world.

One of my favorite things in the world is a blank canvas. White and empty, it contains an infinite number of possibilities. The same way our universe used to look. The same way we used to look. It is the artist that, no matter the skill level, possesses the divine hand. And within these open fields of possibility, we attempt to capture and convey our lives, thoughts, hearts, friends, secrets, stories, or moments, however fleeting. Art is the vessel that helps us master time. Through it we can record the structure of a cell or see the color of a heartbeat. Art is the visual history of our lives. The pieces we create not only define ourselves, they also define the world around us. I try to keep this in mind as I work. Art is bigger than ourselves. Of course what I paint is personal, but I like to consider it something that belongs to everyone, even if its just a memory. We put pieces of ourselves out there and we refill the space with something from someone else. An inward and outward spiral of inspiration. And the highest acclaim any artist can achieve is to produce something truly great. A piece that changes the course of someone’s life. I think that if i can even come within orbit of one day making something like that, my duty as an artist will be fulfilled. Until then I will keep attempting and I will keep looking.

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